Case Studies

Alice has been fortunate to have been involved in many high-profile projects where her expertise has been invaluable. Here are just a few of the many projects that have helped Alice gain the reputation she currently enjoys.

Bedroom Mural

Alice's London client wanted a bespoke bedroom mural recreating the look and feel of the Swiss Alps. The client provided photos and Alice imbued the mural with the essence of the scene.

Original Photo Reference

Oak Panels at Clifton House

As part of the ongoing restoration of this nationally important merchants house, Alice was asked to match the newly restored panels with the original oak panels dating from 1550. Half of the photograph is of the original panelling and the other half is Alice's expertly matched reconstruction.

Uppark Park House

A copy of an original bed which was burnt in the fire at Uppark Park in 1989. Christopher Clark made an exact copy of the bed and Alice painted an exact copy of the original. This chair was also reproduced to an original Uppark design also lost in the fire. The colours were matched exactly to the original.

Mural Extension

The client had this mural painted to mimic hand-painted wallpaper.  After a while, the size of the room was doubled. The wall to the right of the fireplace was painted by Alice to match the original to the left and around the fireplace. Colours and patinas were carefully matched to produce a seamless copy.

John Fowler Table

This table was originally painted by John Fowler in the 1930s. As far as we know there are only 2 known examples of these tables remaining, one of which was painted for the Ritz Hotel. The client had 2 new leaves inserted to seat extra numbers and Alice painted the leaves to match the existing marbling and shows work in progress. 

Italianate Frescoes in Temple

Here the client wanted to decorate his newly built temple with a series of Italianate frescoes but to include local monuments. The gilded lettering was to commemorate his wife's birthday and the temple was dedicated to her.

Left - Before                  Right - After

Marbling - Table Restoration

A private client in the South of France needed their marble table restoring and so Alice carefully matched the colours to produce an exact copy of the marble onto the new corner of the table.

William Morris Wallpaper

This is an original William Morris wallpaper which had incurred water damage. Alice restored the damaged area at the centre of the photograph.